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ICOINEX is an international leader in promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain education. We also offer an industry first in our crypto eVouchers, which can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum and mitigate mining fees for consumers.
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Blockchain Education

We here at ICOINEX believe the key to successfully investing in cryptocurrency and crypto markets is to understand how blockchain technology works. Our resources are free to all our members.

Crypto evouchers

Tired of paying mining fees? Maybe you would like to send someone cryptocurrency as a gift. Our Bitcoin and Ethereum vouchers offer an easy to use alternative to using exchanges.

Crypto INvesting

Looking to invest in cryptocurrencies? Let us help you choose the right currency to invest in to insure you maximise your returns in the shortest amount of time possible.

Learn How Crypto Works

Understanding the science and technology behind cryptocurrency and blockchain is vital in making successful crypto investments. We have collected some of the best learning resources from around the web and made the freely available for our members. We are also constantly adding new material.

Why Buy eVouchers?

Buying eVouchers as opposed to directly buying cryptocurrency has a host of benefits. All ICOINEX vouchers are backed by two-factor security and blockchain technology. What’s more, gifting friends or loved ones cryptocurrency has never been easier.

Fast and Global

Buy vouchers from anywhere in the world using your 3DS enabled Visa or MasterCard credit to debit card. Your voucher is activated immediately upon purchase and it’s future value is guaranteed.



Tired of card fraud and chargebacks, start accepting eVouchers on your eCommerce store. Signing up to become an approved merchant is easy and quick.


We will never disclose your information or your transaction volumes. After your account has been set up, we will never ask you for further information (unless it changes).

Guaranteed Security

This site is backed up by SSL, two-factor authentication and all transactions are recorded in the blockchain for reference. Enabling you to keep track of your funds through our transparent interface,

Crypto Wallet

Still need a wallet? We have a few great recommendations, send us a message using the form below and we’ll recommend a wallet to you tailored to your individual needs.

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