About US

ICOINEX was started by cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts aimed at promoting the accessibility of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the general international public.

Investments That Make Sense

Whether investing in an IPO or established coin, we believe cryptocurrency has the ability (as it has already have) to provide individual’s with financial freedom outside of the restrictions of traditional financial institutions.

Access For All

We believe access to the cryptocurrency markets and the freedom to trade in cryptocurrencies is a right, or rather, no financial institutions should be able to tell you what you can and cannot spend your money on.

The eVoucher Solutions

Buy buying eVouchers that can in turn be sold for cryptocurrency or be used as a payment method, we have successfully made access to cryptocurrency as a feasibly investment destination, gifting idea and payment method open to the public.

Blockchain Education

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the way the world does business. Knowing the basics of how blockchain works and it’s various application in the current business world it vital in insuring future financial prosperity.