Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about what ICOINEX does or how it works? Check our FAQ below, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us using the form below.



As we do not directly sell cryptocurrency (we sell eVouchers), we add an administration fee and applicable taxes but you remain exempt from paying mining fees which enables us to provide you with Bitcoin and Ethereum at a very competitive rate.


What is 3ds and otp

3DS is an extra layer of security meant to protect both the customer and ourselves against fraudulent transactions. An OTP is an one time pin you enter to verify your purchase as an extra means of verification.


Do We authorize chargebacks?

Unfortunately not. Your voucher can only be exchanged for either Bitcoin or Ethereum, for more on this please refer to our terms and conditions.


Is my info safe?

Our clients enjoy complete anonymity . We will never disclose your personal info and your personal information is encrypted and stored on a landed server with no third party access.


Why do you only accept visa and mastercard

Our processing partner is only integrated with Visa and MasterCard at the moment but we are in the process of adding American Express soon.


What are the purchase limits?

You can only purchase up to $500 of eVouchers in a single transactions but once your account has been approved there is no overall limit on the amount of $500 transactions you can do.


Why do we only sell vouchers for Bitcoin and ethereum?

At present we have  agreements with Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges that offer exchange rates in line with our fees. We are continually looking to add more cryptocurrencies so check back regularly.


How long does it take for my voucher to become active?

You can send your voucher as a gift or as payment immediately. The voucher however becomes active within 1-2 business days at which stage we will buy it back from you for the equivalent  crypto amount.

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